GM49Y Slimed Full Face Youth Helmet

GM49Y Slimed Blue


NEW YOUTH HELMET – GMAX is excited to
introduce our next generation purpose built
full-face youth helmets. This all new 49Y
Youth helmet is a follow-up to our very
successful 39Y youth helmet with an all
new modern shell design.

•   Superior fitting lightweight youth helmet.

•   True youth sizes: youth small, youth
     medium, and youth large.

•   Youth sized shell & sizing designed for
     smaller heads.

•   Dot approved thermo-plastic poly alloy

•   Removable, adjustable interior and
     cheek pads allow for custom fitting and
     easy cleaning.

•   Snap-in removable chin curtain and
     breath guard improves warmth and
     reduces fogging.

•   Gmax flow-thru intake/exhaust venting
     forehead vents and rear exhaust vents
     help pull in desired fresh air & remove
     unwanted hot air thru channeled vents.

•   New screwless quick change maximum
     seal shields, both single lens and double
     lens shields available.

•   State of the art anti-fog coated double
     lens shield or electric shields available

•   Large eyeport for improved range of

•   Padded chin strap

•   Painted shell with high-tech water
     decals and high quality clear coat finish.

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